Donut Day 2016

This year marked the third year in a row my friends and I participated in National Donut Day. (To review went down check here) Like last year, my friend mapped out a route for us and we spent about two hours driving all around St. Louis getting donuts. We went to the same five donut shop as last year: three Dunkin Donuts (DD) and two Krispy Kreme (KK). We took what we learned last year and hoped that this year we would be able to finish all five donuts. We only had one rule this year: you have to get a different donut for every place we go.

1st Donut: Old Fashioned Cake Donut and bottled water (DD)IMG_1467

I wanted to start out with something that wasn’t too sweet. Though this donut was a little heavier that i anticipated I got through it. DD requires you to buy a beverage in order to get the free donut, so I decided water would be a good idea for this journey. I was able to drink it slowly and stay hydrated. The donut was a little bland and I regretted playing it safe, only a little bit though. One donut down I felt great!

2nd Donut: Glazed Chocolate Cake (KK)


I don’t know what caused me to get a second cake donut. I guess I was feeling pretty confident so I thought I could handle it. I knew i might be pushing my luck, getting two filling donuts right off the bat. I resolved to get a fresh glazed at the next Krispy Kreme.

3rd Donut: Glazed Sour Cream


The second Krispy Kreme wasn’t making fresh glazed donuts so I went with my fave donut, glazed sour cream. I guess I’m a bigger fan of cakey donuts than I realized. I still felt good after this donut, which is good cause after the third donut last year was when things went downhill. If you have never tried Krispy Kreme’s sour cream donut I suggest you do

4th Donut: Chocolate Frosted Donut and iced black coffee (DD)


Anther basic donut for me. I went with an iced black coffee to cut the sugar, and plus DD does medium iced coffees for only $0.99 so I couldn’t resist. I drank the coffee very slowly, and a lot of it spilled in my friend’s car. After this donut I knew that I would finish. My friends and I were amazed that we were actually feeling just fine and we were proud we did so much better than last year.

5th Donut: Boston Kreme Donut and bottled water (DD)


For the last donut I went all out, I got my first custard donut of the day. I ate it with pride. I got another bottled water to save for later. After our journey last year my friends and I went and laid down in a park by our houses for a while to recover. This year we went shopping. It feels silly to be so proud of eating five donuts, when others could do it so easily. To actually accomplish something, no matter how silly, feels so rewarding. This is my favorite tradition with my two oldest friends and I hope that we will be able to keep it up, only maybe not five donuts every year.


Playful Bags

A lot of designers for spring and summer are making bags with fun, playful designs. I like having a more understated outfit and letting the bag be a real statement. It can add an extra punch of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. These bags add a splash of personality to an outfit, so pick something with a funny face or bright pattern and shape your outfit around that. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this trend in the coming months.

Ways to Wear White in (W)Autumn

I hate fashion rules, I think people can dress in whatever way they want.  One of my least favorite fashion rules is no white after Labor Day. I always wondered where this silly little piece of advice came from and found this wonderful article by Dan Fallon. Though I do think wearing white in summer is chic and just works, it shouldn’t be forced to be a warm-weather only color. Here are some ways that I would rock white in Autumn.

College Bound pt. 3

College Bound pt. 3

I’m obsessed with black and white clothes. They go with anything and are classic. I went a little crazy at Rue 21 with the black and white, although in real life the rose patterned pants are more blue and the beanie I got is gray with black letters. I’m also starting to acquire a number of clothing items in the scuba material. The jacket and both pairs of pants in this set are made out of that material. It is stretchy and great for lounging around. There were matching pants for the jacket and now I’m really regretting not getting them. Out of the hats I think the beanie is a bit more practical because I can wear it in the colder months, whereas I got the other hat mainly for its aesthetic purposes. I’ve been wanting a hat like this for a while and I’m so excited to take it out for a spin. Also a bonus of shopping at Rue 21, the cute guy behind the counter flirted with me a bit and that was pretty nice.



Felt panama hat

rue21 Logo

College Bound pt. 2

College Bound pt. 2

Here is part 2 of my college haul. This is the first time I’ve ever shopped at Charlotte Russe and I fell in lovewith the clothes. I wanted to buy the whole store. The jeans certainly are comfortable and I’m looking forward to wearing the red ones, especially during the fall and holiday season. I’m a sucker for anything high waisted and I love the buttons on the light jeans. Both of the tops are extremely soft and pretty light weight, they will be great for layering when the weather gets colder. The cut out shoulder looks so cool and adds a little pizazz the the otherwise basic shirt. I think that all of these clothes are good quality, and everything together cost about $60. I’ll definetly be going back to Charlottle Russe in the future.

Charlotte russe top

College Bound pt. 1

College Bound pt. 1
Hello! I am moving into my dorm in less than a month and I am doing a whole lot of organizing, packing, and shopping. Since this is the first time I’ll be living away from home for longer than a week I’m trying to figure out exactly what I’ll need, so I’m getting homeware stuff, like bedspread and a trash can. That stuff is pretty boring (although my bedspread is really cute) so I’ve been a bit lackadaisical. My mom brought up that I might get more into actually packing things up if I was excited about the things I was packing. This might be the first time I’ve said this on here but I’ve gone to catholic school all my life and I’ve worn a uniform from the time I was six up to now. My wardrobe consists (or consisted) of mainly t-shirts a few different bottoms. I didn’t need to have a lot of clothes because most of the time I was wearing plaid, but I don’t have to wear my uniform anymore (YAY) and I realized I don’t have a lot of options when it comes to clothes. So we decided I need to get some real human clothes so that I’m not stuck recycling two pairs of jeans week after week. This is the first installment of 3 of some stuff I have gotten over the past 2 weeks. I got these three basic tees from Forever 21 and they’re so comfy and cute. The first shirt has a print that looks like ink splatter which I thought is pretty thematic with me being a journalism student. I also love stripes and couldn’t pass up both the shirts, and I love the neckline on the black and white one and the teeny tiny stripes. My mom decided I needed new converse since the pair I wear pretty much everywhere is literally falling apart. I’ve had them since seventh grade and the rubber around the side is falling off, there are holes in them, and they are extremely dirty. For my new pair of Chucks I decided to get some awesome high tops and I’m obsessed with them. They’re so pretty I don’t even want to wear them, but I know I’ll wear the heck out of them just like my first pair.

Forever 21 white tee

Forever 21 t shirt

Forever 21 white tank